the Next Foothills orchid society meeting will be held on June 26, 2017

Shawn Hillis, Garden Slippers – Cypripedium specialist

In June, we will hear from our very own Shawn Hillis, of Garden Slippers.  As we all know, Shawn is a member of FOS and his Calgary nursery specializes in temperate orchids that are hardy in Calgary gardens.  Garden Slippers has been in business for 10 years and has gained a loyal following for the wonderful selection of rare cypripedium orchids that thrive outdoors in Canadian gardens. Shawn will tell us all about growing cypripedium orchids outdoors in Calgary as well as the latest new plants available in Canada. Shawn’s cypripediums have been awarded a number of AOS Awards of Merit, including Cypripedium Pixi ‘Pop’, Cypripedium Pixi ‘Purple Haze’ and most recently Cypripedium guttatum ‘Spot’.  Check out Shawn’s website at for a full list of the latest cypripediums available in Canada. 



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Our regular monthly meetings are held at the Marda Loop Community Hall (formerly known as South Calgary Community Hall), 3130 - 16th Street S.W.

Guests and New Members welcome!